A visit to Wye valley butterfly zoo

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It was such a lovely day to take a day trip to the butterfly zoo in wye valley, A place I had never been before. And I'm pleased to say that I as well as my niece and nephew loved it.

The overall price of the place was good for what we got to do, it worked out at £19.50 for one adult and two children for all day access to the butterfly zoo and the hedge maze and a round of mini golf for us all and I think In the end I only paid £1 for parking due to the £2 refund they gave me once I had brought my tickets.

The whole place was set up really well and everything in and around the car park. The butterfly zoo was the other side of the garden centre and was really cool to walk around and see the different butterfly species, learn about them and read all the information that was jotted around inside. My nephew loved reading all the signs, even if he was breaking a sweat. 

We next moved on to the mini golf, which was so fun for me and my niece and nephew because we hadn't played it before, I don't have anything to compare it to but I enjoyed it a lot. Running along side of the mini golf was a river with a cute little bridge that lead to the hedge maze. We were met by a lovely chap who firstly asked if we had been here before or not and then went on to inform us that the hedge maze was planted over 30 years ago by him and his brother and told us all sorts of games we could play within the maze. 

 I captured some photos of the beautiful maze and the area around it. Once I finally found my way to the middle after getting lost for a while and playing hide and seek for what felt like forever I discovered this beautiful stone seated area. 

Along the river were some picnic benches and the toilet blocks, a shop and a café which was so lovely to see. We grabbed an ice cream and sat for a while in the sun before we headed home. It was so nice and peaceful. I would defiantly recommend this wonderful attraction. We had so much fun and for us traveling 50 mins out of town was defiantly worth it. 

Link to there site if you want to check them out for yourself. 
Wye Valley butterfly zoo

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