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The conceal and define concealer has a matte finish and as far as I know is full coverage, it comes in 18 different shades and has a mix of different undertones so I think it's pretty good for almost everyone. It is also marketed as the perfect product for concealing and contouring, which I have not tried but I defiantly should!

I know I'm a little late to the party, but gosh who knew this was going to be so hard to get your hands on! I must say I've seen so many beauty guru's rant and rave about how amazing this was and how much of a good dupe it was to tarts shape tape concealer, but ive never tried the tape shape so I wouldn't know about that in fact if I'm completely honest with you I'm not one for concealer, I don't wear it and I don't really own it, not because I don't like it but just because I've not found one that really works for me and I tend to use very light weight foundation.

I liked this product right from the get go. Even thought it is full coverage, and I wouldn't normally go for that. Its great for the eye shadow base, the under eye high light and the cover up of spots oh and the define of the brow. Just what I need!! I've used it for all four just to try it out and I also had a bit of a spot that this covered right up. I was also pretty amazed at how flawless it looks even before I add the powder. The wear is also amazing.

We have had a little bit of heat recently and I Hate wearing make up in the sun so this one has been perfect just to cover a little and keep my skin looking even, and not one single issue with it sliding off my nose ect (which I struggle with a lot). For the price of the product being £4 I don't think I can love it anymore than I already do. Let me know what you think of the product, id love to know thoughts!!

Lilypad xo

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