Why Im unfollowing and reminding myself its ok to

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I think when it comes to followers I struggle most with the "if you follow me ill follow you" thing and it just seems to keep clogging up my feed with things I'm not exactly inspired by, and I mean I know my feed isn't as inspiring as id like. I also know that having an inspiring feed right now is the number one thing with everyone and I am A ok with that. 

My Instagram is pretty private and I don't really post any blog related stuff (which maybe I should change a little). I do on the other hand follow a lot of bloggers and vloggers, writers and influencers. I also follow a lot of body positive pages and health pages. I chose to start unfollowing pages simply because these amazing people I follow and admire so much are getting lost in the accounts I only follow because I felt like I had to. you know the ones who follow for a follow, the ones you followed way back in 2013 and haven't be active since, also the people I used to go to school with, people that trigger me and make me feel a certain way about myself. I'm slowly saying by to them all and I don't feel the little bit bad. Oh and yes I know I will be loosing a lot of followers and my count will go down and that is bad for me due to my blog but I don't care that much.

is your Instagram as cluttered as mine is? 

Lilypad xo

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