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I swear all I'm writing are a tone of list posts about TV and films and all that jazz so ill start off by saying sorry...because guess what, this is another one of those posts. Isn't it great though that when autumn and winter hits all the great TV shows are starting back up again and all the exciting new ones are starting? It's also nearly Halloween so who doesn't want to watch some twisted and creepy shows? Anyways here's my list of shows I am and will be watching in the next few months.

The confession tapes - One I heard good things about way before I finally decided to watch it, its all based on true stored and is a little crazy to think about. You never really know what people will do and can get away with.

Making a murder - one a little like confession tapes, true stories about crimes committed, again a little crazy to believe.

Stranger things 1-2 - because I want to watch the second series but  I still haven't watched the first one.

Tin star - I have in fact watched every episode but I couldn't recommend it any more, its so twisted and dark and its the best show of the year.

American horror story - Haven't yet seen the new series but I loved all the rest of them so its on my to watch list and I'm sure its going to be a good one.

Riverdale 2 - As in season 2 that starts in a few days... and I'm very excited to be watching because the last one was amazing.

Liar - Last but no least one most talked about series this autumn I think, a little twisted, a little dark and touches a few subjects that are not talked about a lot.

I know its not a massive list, but its one to get me started, and I cant wait to watch some of them on here, what ones are you guys watching that I didn't cover?

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