Things i miss from my teens

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I'm 22 at the end of the month, if I'm honest I cant believe it. I didn't even think id make it past 18 but I did, I've got a cool job, I can drive and yet on my rounds of tidying my room out, I spotted my leavers book from 2012. Crazy to think its been 5 years since high school but what's crazier is thinking about all the stuff I used to do, all the people I was friends with and all the things I used to do. And yes I know this is another list post but here's a few things I miss from my teens.

- Spending all day outside: doing nothing at all but being outside

- Making apple crumble: Picking apples from the fields and taking them home to make crumble

- Blackberry picking: another one I did in the village and turned into pies

- Living around the corner from my best friend: and turning up at hers at 7 am for breakfast

- My blackberry: it was white and I begged my dad for months to get it.

- Having my walls covered in Justin Bieber, JLS and Zac Efron:  It was pretty cool to be fair

- Guitar hero and just dance parties: My one friend would come over all the time just to play guitar hero.

This is honestly the weirdest list of things I used to do, but wouldn't it be so great if things could be that care free again, walk around the fields, go swim in the lake and bake apple crumbles.

What's something you miss from your teens?

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