The offical bucket list

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So a little while ago after talking to a dear friend I discovered a thousand and one things I had never done and places I had never been (even in the UK) and sometimes that can seem a little crazy, there are so man towns and cities close to me that I have never been too. Since then I have kept a list in my little note book I keep in my bag of called 'things I've never done' list which I realise is just a glorified bucket list, so here is my official bucket list.

Go to a concert
Get a tattoo
Dye my hair blue
Go to a karaoke bar
Pass my driving test
Go on a road trip with no destination
Visit 5 different museums (including the Tate modern)
Spend a summer in New York
Go camping
Waffles, eat lots of waffles
Go to Cardiff
Try an escape room
Go to London
Be in two places at once
Take a selfie with someone I admire
Go pumpkin picking
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Try Mexican food

So that's it, My list of things I've wanted to do or places I've wanted to go but haven't yet, anyway fingers crossed I keep this one updated and cross them off once done.

What's one thing that's on your bucket list?

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