the jobs i wanted to do.

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If were honest, from an early age we are all drilled into thinking about what we want to be when we are older, always being asked what we want to be when we grow up. I swear all I ever wanted to be was a fashion designer, like since forever, I wanted to design clothes and make them and sell them, I wanted to own my own business. I wanted to go to art college and London college of fashion and move away and become a designer. but before that, I wanted to be a hair dresser. I wanted to follow my sister and be just like her. Maybe a lot of kids get stuck in that, In fact I just asked my niece what she wanted to do when she was older, and she said "I want to work in Paperchase like you or own a stationary store." Which is just like her because she is all about the stationary, but isn't that crazy how easy it is to influence a small mind even at the age of 11 she is being influenced by something I love.

What jobs did you want to do when you were growing up? I know some people are not like me and want to be more than 5 million different things before they are 10. I was I was like that.

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