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I am determined to make this Autumn/Winter a good one because I always find myself t busy to do anything and so this year we, my niece nephew and I will be crafting and getting pumpkins and watching films. I'm defiantly going to make the most of the festive time.
Here's a few ideas for Halloween, before its over.

Decorating - fairy lights, bunting, pumpkins, what more do you want?

Treats - get some sweet treats in, Halloween candy, make some cookies, pumpkin or chocolate chip ones, and use some cute cutters.

Movie nights in - Find a great film, maybe hocus pocus, enjoy your sweet treats and have a cosy night.

Autumnal walks - grab a friend, your dog, or your sibling and go on a little walk, see the leaves changing colours, take a breath of fresh air, snap a few photos and go home for a hot chocolate.

Just a few simple steps to have a great Autumn/Halloween, let me know what you'll be doing!

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