Loreal pure clay purity wash REVIEW

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The Loreal pure clay cleanser, Wow just wow. I'm slightly amazed with how good my skin feels right now (about half a hour after using it).

If I am honest I was a bit baffled when it came to buying this one, simply because there are 3 different clay washes and 3 masks too, who knows what's going to be right for their skin, well I mean someone who's not good with the whole taking care of their skin thing! I brought the green wash because its made for cleansing and purifying the skin and for someone who's gets a lot of spots and scaring I thought it would help. I also read that the wash can be used as a wash and a mask so there was that factor added in to the whole thought process.

I was pretty surprised. from getting it out of the tube to washing it off It was a whole surprise. So to start with it came out of the tube very thin and light, which I was not expecting even though I knew it was a wash, I applied a think layer to my face and left it to dry, within 10 minutes it was dry. Looking in the mirror I could see it had dried over my spots and turned them white, I men not that anyone else will enjoy that but I did!! I then found that washing it off was pretty easy too and even though it had dried as soon as I wet it again it was as if it magically turned back into a face wash.

I was pretty impressed. I can not stop bosting about this one! oh and let me just mention the price, I got this one for £2.99 from savers as they had an offer on but usually its around £5.99 which isn't even too bad for for those who don't like spending a lot let me just say the price is very justifiable for how good the product is.

Have you tried one of these pure clay washes?

Lilypad xo

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  1. L'oreal is the renown brand these days for cosmetics and beauty. Clay is good for oily skin but it is also not bad for dry skin.