I wish i quit

by - 21:22

I wish I quit. I wish I didn't decide to do blogtober and I wish I wasn't planning on doing it again next year. All that has come of this month has been stress, stress and more stress oh and not to mention the constant talking about rubbish on here which I did not mean to do.

I'd have liked it more I think if it was more of a group thing I think, if I knew more people that were doing it, and we had a page or somewhere we could share our daily posts and struggles with the whole thing. in fact maybe ill do that next year. If there is a next year.

Things will go slightly back to normal next week, I'm going to be writing and scheduling posts hopefully for two to go up a week about some thing a little more exciting and a lot more effort. anyways for the rest of the month, enjoy the rubbish I will be putting up and look forward to something cool in the next month or so.

Thanks for reading,
Lilypad xo

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