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If you haven't already guessed by the title... I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!
I know I know for some this is just nothing, just something you do to get your independence and freedom but this has been a long time coming!!

Let me just say that I didn't go with a driving school, just an instructor, her name was sue and she's the nicest person I've ever met, I honestly don't think I would have passed if it wasn't for her and the understanding she gave. It took me a long time if I'm honest.

I passed on the 4/10/17 with 3 minors, and it was my second time. My first time I stalled on a roundabout and knew that moment I had failed. it sucked. I did in fact pass my theory test first time though.

When I failed my test it hit me so hard, even though I knew it wasn't the end of the word, I just wanted to get on the road. I then had the whole issue with a 3 month waiting list... URGH! that sucked!!  I think there is a whole thing around passing your test first time, as if its the only thing that matters, and gosh you never hear of anyone that didn't pass first time because guess what... no one talks about that. The only bit of advice I will give anyone learning to drive, is not to give up! you deserve to pass and deserve to be on the road!!

If you're on the driving journey my fingers are crossed for you!!

Lilypad xo

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