Avovia coffeebody scrub REVIEW

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NOTE TO SELF: Don't buy coffee scrub if you don't like the smell of coffee.

I wish you could see how much I have been laughing at myself over this coffee scrub. Why did I buy coffee scrub??? I DONT LIKE COFFEE!!!! It smells so strong and urgh I hate it!!

Anyways lets talk about this product, I brought the product down to all the hype around the coffee body scrubs the last few months and wanted to see if they were any good. This one I brought from savers at around £3 and it read that it would help with stretch marks, which I love in a product, because I have a few areas that have red raw stretch marks. but other things such as bad circulation.

I tried it for the first time last week and I found that it was so much hassle just to get out of the bag, it was almost a pain to try to do in the shower and it was more mess than intended. Maybe I should have tried to fiddle with the bag and stuff before I intended to use it.  Moving on from that I found that the fact it was mixed with coconut to be just amazing, and it made it so much softer and smoother to use.

The scrub was hard to apply to the skin but I did like the fact it was bitty, I mean its coffee so of course its bitty but its nice to have a scrub that well actually scrubs! haha! Apart from that after mixing it a bit more with water it made my skin feel so silky smooth and fresh feeling, and felt the same coming out of the shower too which was nice.

Apart from the fact I don't have a clue why I brought coffee scrub, I did in fact like it, defiantly would be easier to use in a tub or tube of some sorts. Safe to say I wont be buying it again due to the whole not liking coffee thing but I will be passing it on to my mum and we will see what she thinks.

Have you tried coffee scrub?

Lilypad xo

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  1. I haven't tried coffee scrub yet in my life but I am curious to try it soon. Although I am a kind of a person who doesn't like them much but I will and write about it.