An open letter to my 22 year old self

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So this has got to be the 3rd or 4th time I've written this out and this one has been sat in my drafts for a while but I still haven't put it out there. Its only 2 weeks until you are 22 so it seems like a good idea to re do this with some goals for the next year. Well originally this said "I hope by now you are driving, please tell me you are driving" but damn look who's already achieved that one. I also wrote about building your walls up any higher than they already are, but who cares? you've got your friends, works good and family, well that will always be the same old. I will just tell you thought not to let the negativity bring you down, live your life and the ones that matter will always be there.

I know there is no need for me to be hoping and wishing for things but fingers crossed you have your own car and all insured in the next 6 months so defiantly before you turn 23. Take those days off and go places you've never been or places you enjoy. Why not?

Keep working hard at work, I know some times it wont be easy, but nothing good is ever easy. Cary on doing what you enjoy and working with amazing people, but dream big, do some more craft fairs, sell some stuff, save up. Work for brands, write more posts, dream about moving out, and go on those crazy shopping trips to pick out what you want in your house. Why not do it? And don't forget to keep that bucket list updated, cross them off and add more to them. Don't forget to live your life and have fun and try not to miss out on the good parts.

I hope year 22 brings so much more fun things and so much more happiness too you.

Keep dreaming
Lilypad xo

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