A little update

by - 21:08

If I'm being completely honest with you guys this whole blogtober idea seemed so much better when I had pre written blogposts ready to go and the time and inspiration to write. I've found my self lacking in inspiration which is crazy because normally I'm on the go all the time coming up with cray things. Not to say I don't have some in the works. I feel like I should make some sort of mood board or get a little bit more organised with things before the new year!! I also know that it may have felt to you guys, like it has to me that I'm just kind of talking a bit of rubbish, but sometimes that's all this is for me, a place to ramble away, until I can worry less, or sort my head out more.

Anyways, As of November id like to say that I will have two posts going up weekly, a review, a lifestyle post / something that is in the works. we will see, thank you to everyone that is reading my posts, and talking to me on Instagram and twitter about things.

Fingers crossed this gets a little easier. (and yes this post was me basically talking about how crazy blogtober is so that I don't have to write another random post)

Lilypad xo

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