3 lipglosses for less that £2

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If you follow me over on Instagram (@lilyjosb) you will already know that I came home with 3 lip glosses for less than £2 and I'm pretty god damn pleased with myself.

I went to TKMAX on my lunch break today and checked out the makeup section which sometimes I can find a great bargain in, I didn't, I mean I did but not in the normal bit of makeup, the items I found were in the clearance section and it may have taken me about 20 mins to look though all the pre opened leaky broken make up to find a few decent ones but guess who's happy!! MEEE!!

I mean a Revlon colour stay moisture stain for 20p if that's not a good deal then I don't know what is. I got in in the shade 040 shanghai sizzle Which is a bright red, and is going to be my go to this Christmas eve when I'm working!!
Apart from that I got a Loreal Paris gloss in shade 191 stubborn plum, that is basically a light pink colour but comes out a little more lighter than you would have thought.
Last but not least Ciate London Lip locked balm and tint in 'in the 305' which you can get online for £13 and I got for 50p. god I love a good bargain.

I tested them out to see how cute they were but I don't have any clue how good they will last so we will see about that. Anyways what bargains have you found recently??

Lilypad xo 

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