19 things to do to take your face away from that screen

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Now I'm not saying I'm online a hell of a lot of the time but I mean, I kind of am. HAHA! I spend so much time look at a screen, if its not my laptop its my phone, If its not my phone its my TV, and that being said having a social media addiction on top of it doesn't help me at all. So its all down to this that I've created this list of thing I can do that doesn't include a screen, and just maybe it will help you too.

19 things to do to get your face away from that screen:

- write a letter to someone you love

- Get to the bottom of that chore list

- Clear out your wardrobe or sort though your room

- Do some colouring

- Start/add to a scrapbook

- Have a Disney movie marathon

- Bake something

- Go for a nice walk in the woods or a local park

- Test out some new makeup buys

- Play around and try out some new hair styles

- Volunteer somewhere

- Go visit a coffee shop and read a nice book

- Listen to a new album from start to finish

- Go swimming or for a run

- Learn to meditate

- Start a DIY project and create something cool

- Play board games with friends/family

- Make and try out a new smoothie recipe

- Have a pamper night, get some face masks, some pizza and wine sounds good too!!

What are some other things you do that doesn't involve a screen?

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