10 things to do on a rainy day

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Being honest, the only time I actually like rainy days are when I have the day off. Walking in the rain, catching the train and walking to work in it is hell!! But there is nothing like finding a good film to watch, having a nice hot chocolate and sticking to the sofa (or in my case my bed) How ever doing that for more than one day can be boring as hell and I do enjoy doing a tone of other stuff when I'm stuck inside. So here is a list of things that may help you when you are stuck inside with plenty of opportunity to do something different.

Play a board game or two - because there is nothing better than a family argument over who cheated.

Bake a cake - I love baking so for me this is a go too, but if you are not so keen buy a ready mix and put it in the cupboard ready.

Write that blog post - I'm always putting them off till last minute.

Read a book - I have so many random books just sitting on a shelf ready to be read, I hope I'm not the only one.

Tidy - I know this ones boring, but it feels so good when its done.

Online shopping - you don't need to be told twice I'm sure.

Invite friends around - I know its annoying no being able to go out or not wanting to when its raining so why not invite your friend round?

Scrapbook - that reminds me, I need to add to mine.

Colouring books - go on you know you want to.

Write a letter - to a friend or family member, it will defiantly make them smile.

So what will you be doing next time it rains??

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