6 things that made me happy last month

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Last month, the month of July has been a rollercoaster. So many ups and down so many changes in emotions so to try and end it on a good one here's a list of things that have made me happy this month, small or big. 

1. I'm putting more effort into more content for my blog.
 (and trying to post more frequently)

2. taking my nephew to the cinema and him loving every second.

3. seeing and old friend I haven't seen In a while.

4. discovering some good TV shows.

5. The very stressful but very exciting run up to my driving test. 

6. year leavers service for my dearest niece.
(very emotional but a very lovely day)

That's it for this month, looking back it may have been more downs than ups but ill cherish the good parts.

what great things have you done this month?

lilypad xo

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