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So today I'm throwing it back to a post I wrote about 2 years ago. On the music side of things my Spotify has been my everyday go to. So with out telling you all to go check out my music here are a few different artists and songs I'm loving right now and have bee listening to non stop.

Nina Nesbitt - the moments I'm missing
( I relate so bad to this song)

Tom Grennan - Found what I've been looking for

Oh wonder - Heart strings

Bea Miller - Songs like you

LANY - The breakup

The academic - Bear Claws

Let me just say I would be adding a bit of blink 182 on to this list if it wasn't for YouTube only finding me covers for the songs like Sober, She's out of her mind, Home is such a lonely place, good old days or misery. God I wish I could add them on to here.

What music have you guys been listening to recently?

Lilypad xo

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  1. Ooh love the Blink 182 comment! I'll forever love early 2000's music.


    1. Me to for sure! Their new stuff is great and I'm really annoyed I didn't go see them live!
      Lilypad xo

  2. we have crazy similar music tastes. i absolute LOVE lany and bea miller, by far two of my favourite artists to blog to! if you've not heard of banners or ruelle yet - give them a listen too, i reckon you'll like them!

    katie xx

    1. Yayy can we be friends and bond over music ;) ? haha nope never heard of them but will deffo give them a listen too!!
      lilypad xox