My plans for 2017

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So as much as I'd like to tell everyone that 2016 was crap and that I hope 2017 is better, I cant.
2016 wasn't even that bad. I mean its had its ups and downs but I have gotten on this year. Tried to sort my shit out. Its been a tough one at times but nothing can go so smoothly that every single person in the world had a great year, thats weird.

Here's 5 great things I did In 2016:
1. Volunteered
2. Got myself a job
3. Met some great people
4. Started to learn how to drive
5. Got on with my parents more times than I didn't.

Here's 5 things I hope to do in 2017:
1. Make more friends
2. Hang out with old friends
3. carry on my weight loss journey
4. Past my driving test
5. Sell more jewellery.

Ps this is not one of those new year new me posts, nor is it a new years resolution's post, its just a "well done for 2016, have a great 2017" post.

What are the things you'd like to improve on this year.

Lilypad xo

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