Motivation monday - day 3 blogtober

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Let me just state the obvious (It's not Monday). After a long day at work I came home and fell asleep, and didn't get my blogpost up before hand. by the time I woke up it was 3 am. opps!

For a long time I got stuck in a place in my head where I didn't want to do anything, go anywhere and I felt like I was stuck. I know I'm not the only one to feel that way but it kind of stinks when you do.

Any ways this week I want to just talk about how hard I tried for 3 months to find a job and finally got somewhere. I applied for tones of places locally and got no where. It made me feel worse, and I struggled and yes I cried a lot. At the start of September I interviewed for paperchase, met a few lovely people there and was happy with how it went and had my fingers crossed. I heard the same day that I got the job and was to start a week later. Its now been nearly a month! EKKKK. before the day I started I got a phone call for another place (not naming names) and they wanted me to start the same day. I was shocked because I had applied for them twice before and got no where. After talking to a few different people in store they basically told me they didn't want me to work for them and someone else because of the hours. I then was crushed.
I happily stuck with paperchase and enjoy every day (even if my feet do hurt by the end of my shift).

Anyways the point to my little story is that after struggling for such a long time, I have finally got to a good place in my life. I know it takes a long time to figure stuff out, but when you are one a crappy path for such a long time its so hard to see that great things are to come. And they are great!!

Lilypad xo

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