A really good concealer pen - day 5 blogtober

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Who knew that aldi actually sold makeup? and it wasn't actually that bad??
After years of using their hair dye and seeing bits in store like nail polish and lip gloss. who knew they sold pretty much every makeup item you need, the line includes items such as foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polish.

I think this concealer pen was around £1.99 in prince and was actually really good. I used it for a few months though out summer instead of foundation to cover up my spots in the shade "light". It sucks that after I ran out, I couldn't find it in store again. I hate that with stores like Aldi's you are not likely to find it a week later.

Anyways, let me firstly tell you again that its a great concealer. For someone that struggles really bad with spots ALL OF THE TIME so I am always using concealer and foundation so I'm always looking for a great product. Though out the summer, I felt like my face was melting off so I never wanted to wear make up, but I'm also one of those people that doesn't like to not wear makeup. I'm really insecure about my spots.

The pen its self has really smooth bristles and the concealer blends really smooth. its a very light consistency. It's also a light skin colour which blends well with my skin thank god! Apart from that the only thing about it that annoys me it the fact that if there's a lil bit left in the bottom, you cant get it out! Does that annoy anyone else or just me?

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