3 tv shows you need to watch this autumn - day 4 blogtober

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The beginning of fall means that you get to spend more time in bed or on the sofa binge watching some cool tv shows. Its sad when you realised that there is no more soaking up the sun and summer is actually over. But hay ho cause you get to watch as much tv as you like!!

Here's 5 tv shows that I am going to be watching this autumn and that you sure tune into too!

1. The good place

I've already watched the first episode of the good place and let me tell you that it is defo my number one fav show right now. The star of the show is Kristen bell and her character, Eleanor finds her self in heaven my accident. The show is basically based around her trying to become a good person so that no one realises that she was actually a horrible one on earth.

2. Pitch

Another show that I have only seen one episode of but actually love. Pitch is about a young woman named ginny who is the first woman in the MLB. The show followers her as she joins the pros and is the only girl on the team. Kind of crazy but such a good show.

3. How to get away with murder

How to get away with murder is on season 3 right now, and even though I haven't seen the first episode of the show I know its going to be great. The show follows a group of college students that are studying law, and braking it at the same time. Its so intense. but if you love crime shows this ones perfect for you!

What shows are you watching this autumn?

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