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by - 11:18

Let me just say, this is one of my favourite eye shadow trio's right now. Not just the fact that it looks like galaxies or planets but the fact that it also turns out like that on your eye lids.
The black is black yes but it also has gold and silver glitter running though it and damn it is such a nice black. As well as the purple and the silver, the purple is full of silver and the silver is full of black and gold, which is amazing!
They apply very well, and the colour comes out very pigmented, even more so after getting your brush wet. Its a very well priced product at around £2.50 - £3.00.

Have you guys tried MUA?
What do you think?

Lilypad xo

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  1. That trio looks beautiful! Looks great quality for such an affordable price. I've never tried MUA but I'll definitely have to look into it. Great post :)


    1. they truly are the most beautiful things ive ever seen! thanks :)
      Lilypad xo