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So, its coming up to a year since I started volunteering for Oxfam, and I hit the mark at the start of September. WOO! honestly time has flown by, and I've loved every second of it. (It does help that everyone is so lovely and friendly including the manager) I've seen a tone of people come and go which feels strange as some of them have been volunteering for over 15 years. Any ways as with volunteering with Oxfam, it turns out I actually love charity shops, or at least the great items that come in and out of the shop or the ones I find in others.

First I got this sweethearts too faced bronzer for £2.99 unopened, and this urban decay Gwen Stefani lipstick in wonderland for £1.99. Now considering the price difference I was both amazed and a bit shocked at the price. To buy new would have cost about £45 and yes I would have brought the items new, but at under £5 for both of them second hand unopened is crazy!

What are the crazy good products you have found in a charity shop recently?

Lilypad xo

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  1. I love charity shops. As you have proved, you can find hidden treasure in them. Can't believe you managed to pick these up, what a steal! My last but wasn't anywhere near as good as yours, but I got a brand new pair of trousers from next with the tags still on priced at £26 and I got them for £3 and a cute M&M glass jar, which I've since washed and re-filled with a couple of large packets of m&m's :)

    Love Hannah xx

    1. You can always find something that is a steal. Also I've found that some shops don't quite know what they have got. Those jeans were a bargain though! £3!! A lot of shops sell some really cute glass jars, and if they don't sell in like 2 weeks they get chucked out (depending on the shop) that's crazy!!

      checking your blog out now! :)

      lilypad xo