Lovely things pt 1

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This little post is a weekly round up of all the lovely things that have happened this week.
A way to keep positive i guess and a way to show you guys, my lovely readers what i actually enjoy doing. (but kind of more like a two week round up).

Volunteering - I have spent a lot of my time since September volunteering for Oxfam. I'm not going to lie, i love every second of it. Its also very nice to feel trusted the way i am there.

Days with my sister - Its days like these that i am most thankful for. I adore my sister, and she is basically my best friend. Time spent with her is always lovely.

My adult colouring book - My obsession with my colouring book is real. The only shitty thing is that i don't actually have any good colouring pencils left, so i defiantly  need to invest in them but apart from that i have been loving the book i got for Christmas.

Spoons - I have never really been one of those girls that likes to go out all the time to restaurants, but after spending a few lovely evenings at weatherspoons for family meals, i have been obsessed with the food. BBQ ribs, southern fried chicken, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, even the bloody chicken burgers.

Rowing - Going to the gym has always been something i have loved to do. but recently after pairing up with my a friend that introduced me the the whole idea of rowing that i honestly said i was to fat for, i fell in love. its my most fav thing to do at the gym now.

What are some lovely things you guys have been doing recently?

Lilypad xo

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