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An Introduction to my first matte lipsticks. I brought these a while back when I went make up shopping with a friend. I brought two shades one in Moxie and Criminal. Yes I have to admit I did decide to buy them because of how cheap they were at only £3 each.
When I first tried them I was so crazy happy with the buy that I was lost with how I felt about the actual product. but after trying it again and again I kind of feel that a review is a good idea.
Even though the price is crazy good, and the colours are pretty the quality is not so much, I like a lipstick that I can keep on all evening or all day and this product was half and half with that. after applying, it made my lips feel like they were going to dry and fall off. It kept well, while eating and drinking but tended to come off after a couple of hours and leave a line around my lips with out me knowing. It's a good product and a good consistency but its just a shame that I wears off to easily and leaves the line.

Have you guys tried these products?
Do they do the same to your lips or just mine?

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