Desk envy

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Recently I've been having terrible desk envy, sadly I don't have enough space in my room to create a wonderful space to work from so I mostly end up siting at the table down stairs or on my bed. A work space should be a sacred place, if you work from home that is?! These days they are no longer just a table, chair and a computer, they are a inspirational place. So here are some work place envy worthy ideas.

Small space? why not try this idea? I love all the inspiration stuff on the walls, its so simple yet looks so good.

When working from home and you have no space in your house you can turn your garden shed into an office, it would be more space and you wouldn't have to sit on your bed or sofa and have that lost feeling.

A touch of colour makes the whole minimal thing look so much better. 

This looks like something a magazine editor would work from. Looks so artsy.

I love this idea of having a whole pin board wall to stick ideas up on and then once you are done you can take it all down and start again, its crazy good.

I love the all white. and working with a view? YES PLEASE

Do you get as much desk envy as me???!!

Lilypad xo

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