A full "would you rather" list so you never run out of questions

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One of my favourite games to play is "Would you rather?" its a great party game that everyone ends up playing after a few to many drinks, or a first date game because you get to ask the guy r girl crazy questions and they have to answer. I mean they don't have to but who would like to be the lame ass hat didn't want to join in on a fun game?? Playing the game always ends up with me running out of scenarios to chuck out there so I am writing this post for not just you but me too.

1. Would you rather, give up all alcohol for the next 30 days or have to butcher your own meat for the next 90 days?

2. Would you rather have $50,000 free and clear or $150,000 that is illegal?

3. Would you rather have a photographic memory or never be able to remember a thing?

4. Would you rather be born again 1000 years in the past, OR 1000 years in the future?

5. Would you rather have your first child when you are 19 years old or when you are 45 years old?

6. Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?

7. Would you rather go 30 days without refined sugar or 90 days without caffeine?

8. Would you rather have a home with a great living room or a great back yard?

9. Would you rather marry someone rich and ugly OR hot and poor?

10. Would you rather be able to speak, but always say everything on your mind OR be silent for the rest of your life?

11. Would you rather be in jail for 10 years OR be in a coma for 10 years?

12. Would you rather hook up with someone that had awful body odor OR terrible breath?

13. Would you rather eat one large slug OR 10 normal-sized worms?

14. Would you rather be the smartest person in your peer group or the most attractive person in your peer group?

15. Would you rather shave your eyebrows or accidently send a nasty computer virus to 1000 of your friends, classmates and colleagues? 

And there we have it 15 "would you rather" scenarios so you don't actually run out of ideas.

Do you love this game as much as me???!

Lilypad xo

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  1. This is such a fun post! I find that my friends and I end up asking each other these kinds of questions a ton and having these in my artillery is quite nice. Love this post!

    Allie - www.allieways.com

    1. I'm glad that its a helpful post, I know most people wouldn't play the game this way but hayho!! :)

      lilypad xo