11 things you know if you're the awkward one

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1. When ever yo try to be funny, you end up sounding not so funny and stupid at the same time.

2. Your way of making friends is basically just staring a lot.

3. You don't bother even trying to flirt because you just know you will sound even more awkward than before.

4. You are poetic with your words, especially when describing life and your surrounding's. "those trees are green"

5. The dumbest things scare the hell out of you.

6. You use the words "blah" and I cant even" a lot because everything you say sounds awkward, and its easiest to just give up.

7. Your hands do these awkward movements every time you talk.

8. You also have no idea where to put your hands when walking or sitting.

9. You end up saying thank you to everyone or random objects even though you don't need to.

10. Laughing randomly over things that happened two weeks ago or two months and having to explain to the whole room of people why.

11. You either talk to fast or talk to slow.

Is this you, or just me???

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