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So last week the wonderful people over at carex got in contact with me and sent over a few products for me to try out.If you don't know who carex are then where the heck have you been?? Let me just say they have been a constant in my house since i was young. 

I got sent the 'fun edition' strawberry laces soft cleaning wipes for hands, face and body. which i have basically been using every day since when applying my make up, due to foundation hands and needing to wipe them down before grabbing anything else. They smell amazing and i am pretty much obsessed with them because of how compact they are too. They come with 15 in a pack, which depending on what you are using them for is ideal. Traveling with them is great, and using them is pretty simple too. 

The other items i got sent were the carex hand jells, in bubble gum, moisture plus and original. they are all super small super cute and kills 99.9% of bacteria. I've been keeping one in my handbag and one in my make up draw because they are so useful and i find myself randomly using them. The one in my handbag is the bubble gum 'fun edition' fragrance because it smells amazing, and lingers long too. And lets be honest who doesn't love the smell of bubble gum??!  Honestly i didn't realise how much of a germ fob i was untill i got these, I've been using them every day, all day for about a week. So much so that I'm going to have to go and buy my self a few more. 

Right now the items in my handbag include, my makeup bag, my diary, sunglasses, headphones, purse, and my hand gel, because germs are everywhere and we dont want to spread them now do we???! These items are all perfect for sticking in your handbag, that don't take up to much room either which makes them perfect to travel with. 

What carex products have you tried?
do you like the new 'fun edition' range?

Lilypad xo

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