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 So it was just a one of thing that i picked this product up, after a trip to super drug because i had a "spend £10 and get 100 points" voucher and was searching for products that i could try out and that were reasonably cheap. I chose a brow mascara simply because i thought it would be an easy product to use on a "no make up" day and would make my brows look natural. Its safe to say that this products didn't do that. first of all the mascara wand is to big, so you defiantly couldn't use it if you had thin brows, and its not very precise, so its either a lot of product or none. Personally I'm so used to using powder that it felt weird trying to use a gel, but i love it, i don't use the wand because its to messy and i like to have nice straight lines but it goes on well, and dries nicely too.
I got the shade Mid-brown as i have dark brown ish hair, but will be changing it up in a month or so. The colour matches well, and i can also use it to draw the curve on that i would normally do with powder.

Either way you chose to use the product, for the price of only £2 i would recommend the product to anyone, even if you choose to use it with an angled eyebrow brush or the mascara wand. 

Using Mua brow define tinted mascara 

Have you tested this product before? If so what do you think? 

Lilypad xo

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