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Last week i posted about a few lovely foodie goodies i had sent to me and if you read that post i also told you there would be a follow up post this week so here it is. 

Guys let me just say, these brownies are defo the best in town.
So this week i wanted to share this mix with you, because it was simply the best brownie mix ever.

Keep reading for a  recipe type post on using the mix and hearing me rave on about it.

First of all i found out my square baking try, type of thing. ( i basically use this for everything that i want to come out in a shape of a square) i then placed butter in each corners of the tray and put baking paper in it so that the brownies would be come out and not stick to the trap. (lets just say its not that easy).

I emptied the mix into a bowl, melted some butter and mixed it well, then i added two eggs to the mix and got a bowl full of double chocolate greatness. 

That was it, it was so easy and it was so mess free which i love (and my parents do).

I put the mix into the tray and put it in the over for around 18 ish minutes. 
When it came out it was kind of hard on the top and soft in the middle, which is amazing when it comes to brownies.

Here's a picture of the finished product.
I cut out a few stars and placed them on the brownies around 10 minutes after they came out and sprinkled some icing sugar over the top to make them look cute as hell.I then sliced them into 16 squares. 

I'm not going to lie they were actually really chocolaty, but who doesn't love that about brownies.
also the only thing that i found wrong with them, is that they actually were so nice that they were all eaten in basically half a day. haha.

Have you guys tried the delicious alchemy brownie mix?

Lilypad xo

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