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Getting my skin back to good health has been a goal for a while, but it forever seems like its not reachable. Right now i sit here with my skin in its worse shape ever and all i want is for all my spots to have gone and to have clear and clean skin. For about 2 weeks i spent every 3 days putting a face mask on and try all types of different ones, in hope to find one that would work perfectly with my skin. 

I got this possibility pot from savers for like 80p which is crazy right??? 
Not going to lie i picked it up because of the "raspberry pavlova" scent but thought it would also be a cheap face make i could try out. Let me just say that out of the two face masks on this post this one was the bad one. I know, i know, i know the cheap ones are the worse ones but i wanted to give it a chance. 
I guess it just wasn't made for sensitive skin, as, as soon as i put it on it burnt my face off. Not as in its tingling but as is in it basically felt like i had acid on my face. 

This face mask was much more kinder to my skin. I think it cost me like 90p but ive heard a lot of people using these and saying that they were a good cheap alternative to some more high end products. 

I chose the aleo vera blemish mud mask as i thought it would do my skin some good, maybe help get rid of blemishes?! I left it on for around 15 minutes until it had dried and i couldn't basically move my face any more. It was nice, it left my face soft and my nose where i struggle with a lot of black heads was pretty clear too so over all this one was the better, and i now have a box with about 8 of them ready to use. 

Have you tried out any of these face masks? 

Lilypad xo

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