12 Things only people who suppress their feelings will understand

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1. The screams come from the inside - Because speaking all of those thoughts and feelings out in public is very scary. 

2. You have a guarded heart - because your a sensitive person and in touch with your emotions, you don't want your heart to get into the wrong hands.

3. Your emotions are crazy intense - You've kept them in for so long that when they come out, they come out in floods.

4. Your resting face, is your bitch face - You don't want to show anyone that your sensitive but it can be hard because your bitch face can also be an invitation for people to think there is always something wrong with you.

5. You are in tune with others feelings - when your friends in pain so are you, when that special someone laughs you grin, when someone cries, you feel your own tears coming. Keeping all your emotions in is a down fall sometimes but when something hits the spot that's that.

6. You hate crying - Crying can expose you to anyone who sees you like that. You even hate how it makes you feel. even that critical look people give you, and the for ever "are you ok's."

7. You hate when people are you whats wrong - answering them can become complicated and you know you will get emotional. You don't want to be rude but you also don't want to be overbearing either.

8. You get pissed off at life really easily - You always have one of those days where everyone and everything pisses you off. You find it pointless to explain your reasons because you know it will only make you see like a debbie downer.

9. Keeping a lid on your feelings is just part of life now - Your worse fear is someone using your vulnerability against you which is why you keep your emotions inside and out of the eyes of others.

10. Over thinking just comes second nature - because of your anxieties you start to analyze every tiny thing that happens around you. You like to thing over things before you act on them.

11. You have concealed anxiety - its not that you are trying to hide it from everyone but rather hide the symptoms like shaky breaths and sweaty palms. its hard to explain to people so you would rather hide it than try to explain it.

12. Your response to horrible people is to smile - you're secretly imagining their death, or them tripping over and landing face first in a pile of dog poo. Hey what they don't know wont hurt them.

Lilypad xo

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  1. This post was just spot on!
    I relate to every single point you've made, especially overthinking everything!
    Kirsty x

    1. I'm glad you liked it, thinking about posting more lifestyle posts like this.
      Ill check out your blog now :)
      lilypad xo

  2. The anxiety issue is the definition of me! I love this post, really meaningful xx