Plastic people in Plastic towns - Day 13 Blogtober

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I started to get sick, sick of the place i lived and sick of the people that filled the streets.
It was plastic.
Everyone trying to be something they were not, it was all fake.
I hated it all almost as much as i hated myself. I was fed up of the nick names people got just for living here, i was sick of it all. But people just thought i was crazy.

"You will never get out of here" they said
"Why would you want to leave?" they kept asking

How was i supposed to answer them when they loved everything about that stupid little town that i hated? The reasons i wanted to leave were some of the reasons why they would never even think about going. To them it was home.
To me it was just a pit stop.
I needed to refill and i could go again.

I could never see myself living in that place.
I could never see myself working there.
Owning a house.
Getting married.
Starting a family.

I wanted to start fresh but i also just wanted to stop being one of those plastic people stuck in that plastic town not being able to move.

- I needed so badly to get my thoughts down, so here they are, today i'm not feeling to good but tomorrow i should be better - 

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