My blog name - Day 7 Blogtober

by - 20:04

You know when your in school and you have those silly nicknames that people just say and fingers crossed they don't stick but sadly they do, yep well i had two. Lilypad, and plum. Now thankfully they weren't that bad and i was only called plum because of my purple hair. And lilypad because well doesn't everyone called lily get called lilypad?

I had a best friend, from the time i finished school to about a year ago who loved to call me lilypad, and from then on i loved it too, i guess it was time to embrace it by then. That same friend persuaded me to create this blog and when i did i had no idea what to call it so i just used my nickname...

That's the story of how my blog name came about. 

how did you decide on your blog name?

lilypad xo

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