Life with a sprinkle of glitter - Day 8 Blogtober

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You know when you read a book and you are completely and utterly inspired, yep well that was me when i read life with a sprinkle of glitter. 
I cant explain how much i love this book, and how much of louise is in it, i have been watching her videos now for 4 years and when watching someone for that long you pick up on a few things and you learn how they speak and how they write and this book is louise pentland. 
Its funny and whitty and inspirational. 
I loved how the chapters were planned, having one for cooking, DIY, Beauty, bullying, internet and so on. 

The one thing that i love most about this book is that through out the whole book there are quotes. To inspire us and to give us another view on the world. She brought part of her blog (motivation monday) to the book. 

Have you checked out this book yet? 

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  1. I really want to get this book! I love Louise and I've heard so many good things about it so I'll have to pick it up!x