Get to know me - Day 4 Blogtober

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Having blue hair was on my bucket list.
I was sat writing one night and decided to write my bucket list on and stick it up on my wall, like i had seen in a film that i was in love with. Anyways i wanted to add some more "doable" items to my bucket and blue hair was more of a do able thing, as well as slapping a strangers ass, and singing on the train.

I started to volunteer.
I wanted to do something with my spare time, i also wanted to get another reference for my cv. their forth i came to the conclusion that volunteering would be a good step. I'm really love it and my confidence is already starting to grow!!

I HATE spiders.
Just before i started to write this post i put a dvd on, i guess i don't use my tv and dvd player to much but for some reason this time the dvd didn't work, and i couldn't understand why it wouldn't play... i put my head close to the gap and started the blow the dust out when all of a sudden a spider comes out, crawls across my tv and down my wall, i try to grab it but i wasn't quick enough... now I'm sleeping with the spiders.  

I love having my birthday on Halloween.
ever since i was younger i used to get son excited for the build up to Halloween, i used to decorate my bedroom and i always remember having this massive spider (that i think i still have) that went over the door with ribbons hanging down. Also id just like to point out i used to be the cool kid that threw all the cool parties.. and who doesn't like to get cake presents and sweets all on one day??!

I hope this helps you get to know me a lil better! 

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  1. I hate spiders too, im sure they get bigger every year.