Eat. Wear. Live. - Day 9 Blogtober

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Okay so a bit of an inspired post today, I've spotted a few bloggers doing it and i really like the idea of it so thought id give it ago too, plus I'm lacking inspiration for a post today so were give this ago.

At the moment i am loving my sisters cooking. Bit up to her as I'm a really fussy eater. My sister made this really amazing spaghetti bolognese with red and green peppers and a heck tone of garlic bread! (because I'm a big garlic bread lover) any ways that's what I've love this week.

Okay so every autumn i because this crazed coat lover, and well yes its autumn and yes im a crazed coat lover. I've brought two new ones in the space of 3 weeks, one being plether with a faux fur collar, and the other being this really nice pattered fabric coat with a grey fur collar. Also this week i have been loving a new jumper from Debenhams. Its grey, over sized, and so comfy. i love it so much i have warn it every day this week part from one because as much as i love the jumper it needed to be washed. I'm in love with it so much that im thinking about getting it in black and red too, or is that to much? HELPPP!

I miss my bestfriend. 
BUTTT, I'm so happy with volunteering right now, and i guess I'm in a good place.

What have you guys been loving eating, and wearing recently? 

Lilypad xo

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