Blue On Blue - Day 11 Blogtober

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If any of you have been reading my blog from the start they you will all know that i love having different colour hair, i had red, pink and purple for the last 6 years and have recently been dying my hair blue. A few months ago i started experimenting with different colour make up too. Im not going to lie i am normally the one to buy the cheaper option and stick with the make up products i know but thanks to my sister because she actually gave me a few different coloured eye liner that now i cant stop experimenting with different colour products. 

Also another make up thing that im not really good at because i simply am to lazy and like to stick with what i know is that i do not ever wear wing eye liner or ever line my top lid. But recently i have been loving blue on blue. i have been using a plue eyeshadow with an angled brush to line my top lid and then bringing it down on to my bottom lash line and finishing it of with this amazingly blue mascara. 

This product is from avon and my sister gave it me as she never used it, but since then i have been obsessed with avon and infact put an order in with them for a tone more colourful products.

Do any of you guys order from avon? 
If so what is your go to item to order?

Lilypad xo

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