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Yes you reading this. 

I started blogtober this time last year, with one thing in mind, to post every single day for a full month. I don't know what i was hoping to get from it apart from not being very successful. But this year I'm hoping that it will go a lot better, and i wont stop at 16 and will actually do the full 31 days. 

Today's post Is just an intro, I wasn't really sure where else to start so i thought explaining whats going on on my blog for the next month would be a good start. 

Though out this month i will be doing a tone of reviews, fingers crossed some cooking posts and defiantly some Halloween posts too ranging from food to makeup. All posts that i am working with a company on will be high lighted as a review or an ad.
On the 31'st (being Halloween and all)i will only be posting photos from the day, as it will be spent with family and friends to celebrate my 20th! Apart from that if i use any photos that are not mine the credit will be mentioned under the photo on the blog post. 

I have challenged every single one of you you reading this post to do the blogtober challenge. All you have to do, is put a post a day up on your blog every single day for the whole of October, if you don't have a blog, you can instagram it, and let me know by tagging me in the photos! 

I hope you all enjoy the next month worth of posts on my blog, and i would really appreciate all of the feed back. 

Lilypad xo

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  1. I am looking forward reading your post! It is a challange! I like to upload more on my blog but I just don't have the time to write high quality posts, so respect for you! I may try it next year.


    1. thank you :) i have the same problem but lucky enough i have a few saved for those days when i run out of ideas ;) you should defo do it next year!:) xxx