10 places id love to travel too - Day 6 Blogtober

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Since god knows when i have always dreamed about traveling, I think everyone i know has too. i guess most of us dream about going to a place to escape, or just going to a really hot place and getting a tan. 
I wanted to make a few posts this month that are a tad bit more "get to know me" type and i thought a good place to start would be right here. With 10 places i would love to travel too. 

Wouldn't it be so nice if it wasn't so expensive to travel??!

- New York 
- Paris
- Greece
- Japan
- Egypt
- Canada
- Fiji
- Italy
- Thailand
- Portland

What places would you love to travel too??

Lilypad xo

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  1. I'd love to go to Japan too and Bora Bora =]


    1. Oh wow bora bora would be amazing too!! :)
      lilypad xo