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Yes we have just got towards the end of August but i still wanted to share with you guys the few simple things that i loved though out July. 

1. ST.MORIZ self tanning mist - The first time i had ever used self tanning mist or any self tanning product was around 3 weeks ago. I chose to use the mist because i thought it would be easier to apply and with a glove and a dark coloured sock and the help of my very lovely mum it was. I left it on for around 4 hours and i was kind of a light brown tan all over, and i was pleased when it lasted for 5 days. I love this product. 

2. Garnier Micellar cleansing water - I got this at the start of the week as i saw that a lot of people were giving it good reviews and wanted to try it for myself. Lets just say, its amazing. I don't think i could last with out it now that i have started using it, 

3. So...? Fabulous Dry shampoo - Dry shampoo is something that has saved my hair more than a dozen time, and i try to make sure i have one so that if i need it i have it. By god its good on the go too!

4. Life with a sprinkle of glitter - One word sums this book up. AMAZING. 
I fell in love with every word she wrote. the inspiration flew off the pages and the quotes have imprinted on me. This is defo my book of the month.

5. Rimmal London - Wild-er-ness - The perfect shade of purple for me. And for summer I am obsessed, so much so that i have pretty much used the whole lot up. 

6. Ciate Sweet pea - This green is so cute its unreal and its got a matte finish to it so no gloss involved which i like the look of too, I found this one bottle for £3 at TKMax and have been getting nail varnish from there ever since because of the amazing prices.

7.Essie Munchi,Munchi - a really nice light pink which i have also been loving this summer. It needs a few coats of the polish but once dry it looks amazing. This was also my first essie nail polish and i also got this one for £3 so i am pretty much in love with the price as much as the colour. 

8. Envelope style shoulder bag -  Something i have had my eyes on for months upon months and when my sister had her hen do last month i thought it was a great opportunity to buy something nice for myself.  I have pretty much used it everyday since, and for £7 it was well worth it! 

What items have you been loving last month? 

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