W7 Candy Blush REVIEW

by - 12:55

For someone that is pretty much in love with make up i have never really liked blush, I have always had naturally red cheeks so i have never needed to use it, and when ever i have i have used to much and caused a massive pink-ish mess on my face. Any ways apart from that i haven't really had much experience with blush so when i spotted these i thought it was about time i had another go at it.

I picked up two colours because i simply didn't know which one to try or which one would look good my my cheeks. turns out that they both are pretty lovely colours, one only a tad lighter than the other. And it turns out that with a LOT of practice i don't make a big pink mess on my face and have to wipe it off and re-do it. Also on the plus side these W7 blush are really pigmented so working a little bit into your skin goes a long way and for £1.99 why not give them a try?!

What kind of blush do you use? 

Lilypad xo

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