May Favorites

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P.s Love your nails twist pot - For £1 this pot is amazing and it is an easy way to take nail polish off with out the hassle. 

I pod nano 7th generation -  A present from my dad, and what a present, i love it, i never thought id like it when i first saw it as i preferred the I pod nano 6th generation but this is even better. 

Eye lash curlers - These were just £1 from tiger and they are so handy. They make my lashes look so much longer. 

Red velvet choker - I was never into chokers as i thought they didn't suite me but I've been wearing this one more often. Here's sneaky lil plug.. I actually make it, and you can find them on my site - Lillieepad Jewellery 

Purple lipstick - This purple is really dark, and yes id normally wear it in the Autumn/Winter but it kinda makes me feel really grunge and punk so hay ho I'm going wear it. 

Argon oil hair mask - I have been loving hair masks recently and this argon oil is just £1 again (haha i must just love the £1 deals) Anyways it leaves my hair silky smooth and i love it, its defiantly worth a try! 

Bull dog clips - I brought a ton of these and their pink, blue, green and gold! they are amazing for keeping my work together and they are amazingly pretty! 

Rimmel London salon pro nail varnish - This colour is kind of grey or purple ish i don't really know but i love the colour and have nearly finished this pot. 

Collection No clumps mascara - I didn't even like this for such a long time, but once i started using an eye lash curler it has worked perfectly. Its amazing and it is another product that is worth a try. 

The mortal instruments - So in this photo is book six but i have been loving all six of them in the last two months. They were well worth the money and they were very well written. I have only great things to say about the book series and i honestly just wish there were more of them i mean come on ever if there were like 20 id buy and read them all. And that's saying something.

Anyways that's all of the items i have been loving this month. 
What items have you been loving? 

Lilypad xo

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