Starting Over

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Some people change their attitude, others their relationships and for some its just as simple as their hair. We are always changing things about us to try and change ourselves. Maybe for others approval or maybe just for our own.  For me its my hair, Short hair, Long hair, Brown hair, or Pink hair. Why do we always seem to think that changing a little thing like our hair can change our lives? I know i think that starting new is as easy as changing my hair colour. A new style, a new start. As simple as that. But is it really as simple as that? Can we just pick a day and start over? 

People do it all the time. Or at least they say they do. 

I've come to realise that it is all in our imagination. Or at least in mine. You can start fresh but only if you are able to put a break down the middle of one day and the other. Cutting all connections with people who only caused you hurt, or moving away and starting a new life. But unless you are willing to change your bad relationships or bad habits and start over you are not really getting a fresh break, your just simply changing up your style. 

A while ago i decided i wanted to make a change. I have been working on fixing my mental Health, getting rid of negative people, working out and working on my self esteem. I'm finally getting a bit of confidence back and i love it. To celebrate my new found self esteem and confidence i changed my hair up. For me this is a new start. For me my hair represents my clean break.  

I think we all need a new start once in a while, Even though we cant take back the mistakes we made we can learn from them, and take that into our new starts. I have had more than one new start, and i'm sure their will be a tone more to come. 

Its sad to say that your starting over, but the good thing is we can never really get rid of the old version of ourselves. 

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