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So for the past month a think I've been lacking (a lot) a have only put a few posts up where as before i was putting up at least 4 a week.
My lack of blog post writing is due to the amount of little projects I've been working on at the moment. 
Things such as my Jewellery (website)  my work (or lack of) and my thoughts of going to uni in September.  I have been trying to find a few promoters to help get my jewellery noticed a bit more but being able to send people free items inst in my budget, so my loosing money at the moment instead of making it, which sucks. (a lot) 
Apart from that i thought that maybe doing a jewellery design course at uni would help me in many ways... but how can i afford to pay back £30,000????????? I CANT

So because of my stress over all of these things i pretty much havent writing anything!! 

But you are instore for some goodies this month i promise! 
I have many reviews planned for ever Wednesday (when i used to put them up) and i have some more cool idea for posts. NOT TO MENTION THE GIVE AWAY I HAVE PLANNED WHEN I REACH 500 SUBS!!!! 

You can find my Jewellery Here
My bloglovin Here

And Tomorrow i start with some good-ish post! PROMISE:) 

Lilypad xo

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  1. Ahh good luck with everything honey, I'm in my second year of uni now so if you ever wanted to ask me for any advice, don't hesitate to e-mail me! (

    Hunter //