Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My bucket List

I started this blog around a year ago as a place i could keep all my thoughts, dreams and inspirations and i guess this is a post i haven't yet written, or at least thought i had but turned out i didn't, so here goes.

Go on a road trip with no destination
Play laser tag
Go to paris
Learn to drive
Go to Dubai
Move to Brighton
Go to London fashion week
Own a Range Rover
Become a full time blogger
See the Northern lights
Get 1 million blog views
Earn a 5 figure salary
Eat pizza in Italy
Start Youtube
Own my own business
Celebrate Mardi Gras In New Orleans
See the firefly Squids glow in Japan
Write an E-book

Im sure that there will be a tone more added to the list, but for now that is it. 
Do you guys have a bucket list? 
I'd love to read them! 

Lilypad xo


  1. Laser tag is so fun! I've got a bucket list that goes on for ages haha, some of them are:
    Own my own apartment, have a polaroid camera, donate my hair, have my own pet (either a cat or a rabbit!), go on a road trip and try going vegetarian!

    1. Oooo i might have to steal a few of those! :)
      lilypad xo

    2. Oooo i might have to steal a few of those! :)
      lilypad xo


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