Have you met my boys yet?

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A few months ago i put up a post about my dog cocoa who passed away. Now i don't want anyone to think that i replaced her, because for me and my family that isn't possible. But also having an empty house and not coming home to her was horrible, my dad spotted these two boys up for sale and at just 6 months old we brought them. 

Their previous owners were moving into a town house and no longer would have any space for them, and did not want to sell them separately so we had both of them.

In the pictures below on the left is Archie (red collier) and the right Alfie (black collier).

Archie loves to run, and by gosh he can run for miles, hes more of the playful pup, Alfie on the other hand is more of a cuddly and rub my belly pup. Also Archie gets rather jealous of Alfie! 

Do you have any pets? 

Lilypad xo

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  1. Aw your dogs are so cute! Aah this makes me want to cuddle them :) I have a cat whose 5 called Pixie! I love her lots :) x

    Karis // karisatkinson.blogspot.co.uk

  2. thank you, they are adorable!! awww, i wanted a cat but my mums allergic :((

  3. Wow your boys are so cute, I have a cocker spaniel called jack but he is an old boy now :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. They are so hyper! aww i bet hes the lovelist animal ever. xo

    2. They are so hyper! aww i bet hes the lovelist animal ever. xo

  4. Oh my god! They are just so unbelievably cute!! I love the pictures of them!


    Love Lucy x